About Hemmat

‘Hemmat’, همت which means 'effort or strength through adversity is the Shirazi Trading House Talent Development Program, a comprehensive learning and development program designed to address the current and future training and development needs of the employees within the Shirazi Trading House and across its group of companies, also aiming to attract and retain the kingdom’s best local talent. The program has four core sub programs.

Why is Shirazi Trading House launching Hemmat?

Shirazi Trading House is launching Hemmat as part of its sustainability legacy and in line with its commitment to contribute to the success of our vision 2030.
In addition, addressing the developments needs of all of our employees, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need in the Digital Age, and instilling the value of continuous learning, will enhance employee engagement, increase productivity, and nurture a positive corporate culture.



The program one is designed to prepare High performing employees to assume leadership positions in the company and further enhance the skills of the company’s current leadership team.


The Two program aims to enhance and upgrade core skills and improve organizational efficiency through development opportunities and skills development.


The Three program is designed to attract and retain highly talented Middle Eastern and provide them with opportunities to develop and grow within the group of companies.


Progressive investment partner with over 95 companies to accelerate. The Four program is designed to ensure that every Shirazi Trading house employee is empowered with the basic competencies necessary to not only maximize their efficiency but to allow them to reach their full career potential.