What we aim to achieve

We strive to achieve sustainable growth through the daily creation of economic value while making a positive impact on our people and the environment in which we operate. In short, we aim to invest responsibly.
We believe sustainable business practices that tackle local and global socio-economic challenges not only serve the community but can also enhance returns. Today, the management of over a quarter of the world’s assets is taking into consideration environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors that can materially affect a company’s performance and market value (McKinsey)* Furthermore, we believe the moral case to invest in sustainable businesses is even stronger for family-owned corporations as the importance of a company’s sustainability can help to favor more long-term perspectives.

How our sustainability ambition and commitments


We are committed to creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. Our first step toward honoring this commitment is developing the Company’s sustainable investment policy and strategy in line with global best practices and Shirazi Holding’s values.

Corporate Governance and Management

We adopt strong corporate governance practices to improve our decision-making process towards creating sustainable value for stakeholders, improving compliance and risk management, and instilling a culture of accountability and transparency.


We promote a performance culture based on passion, excellence, reliability, fun, openness and respect.


We maintain communication with our customers to address their priorities. We collaborate with them to foster innovation, efficiency, high quality standards and timely delivery.


We invest in responsible, professional and competent people. We attract and develop talent, build an open and respectful work environment, promote employee wellbeing and manage occupational health and safety risks.


We collaborate with our suppliers to achieve mutual sustainability through localization and ethical standards.


We manage our environmental impact across the value chain and seek to achieve efficient use of natural resources, reduce emissions and waste, and promote higher environmental awareness.


We maintain stable and profitable financial performance with low leverage.