Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors guide the direction of our company and operations to ensure that Shirazi limited maintains its stature as the leading investment conglomerate in the region.

Hadji Ali Shirazi Maqam


Mr. Hadji Ali Shirazi Maqam is the Chairman of Shirazi Limited Corporation. Although Mr. Shirazi Maqam is a businessman, his true passion is education and human development. To this end, he has devoted much of his time to a plethora of initiatives in this field. He is President of the Shirazi Foundation, a non-profit organization, serving scholarship to talented students in Middle East. Mr. Shirazi Maqam holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, California, U.S.A

Dr. Sajad Shirazi Maqam

President & CEO

Dr. Sajad Shirazi Maqam is the President & CEO of Shirazi Limited Corporation. Although Dr. Shirazi Maqam is a serial entrepreneur, his true passion is investment in startups & tech businesses. To this end, he has devoted much of his time to many initiatives in this field. He is Chairman of the Reneum Group, LifePod, and Farabank. Dr. Shirazi Maqam holds a Ph.D. in Marketing management from the London Business School, UK.

Board Members

Vice Presidents

Leadership Model

The Shirazi limited Leadership Model has been developed to provide transparency and detail around the behaviors that leaders across all levels are expected to exhibit and role model.

by driving strategy and change for the Shirazi Limited's vision.
and delivers meaningful results.
by always thinking of ways to delight our customers.
and fosters team collaboration.
by building the next generation of Shirazi Limited leaders.
by driving innovation and creativity.