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Shirazi Foundation is playing a key role in helping achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, which aims to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning by 2030, by supporting programs in early childhood development, access to quality primary and secondary education, technical and vocational education and training for youth as well as a particular focus on education in emergencies and protracted crises. Education is more than a human right, it is an irrevocable asset. It is also one of the most effective tools to break the cycle of poverty, a belief held by our founder Hadji Abbas Shirazi Maqam, President of Shirazi Holding (1958-1988).

 It was from this belief and the desire to give children - regardless of their gender, nationality, race or religion - the opportunity to become positive contributors to society, that he established the Foundation on September 20, 1990.

Since its inception, Shirazi Foundation, part of hadji Abbas Shirazi Maqam Global Initiatives, has been working towards providing children and young people in developing countries with access to quality education through the design and funding of programs that aim to be integrated, impactful, sustainable and scalable. As a result, the MENA-based global philanthropic organization has successfully launched education programs reaching over 1 million beneficiaries in 10 developing countries.

How we work

With each intervention, Shirazi Foundation evaluates the need for assistance across two key areas:

Access to Education which allows Shirazi Foundation to improve children’s health and learning environment, increase education enrollment and attainment, increase access to education, reduce absenteeism, increase gender parity and increase promotion rates.

Quality of Education and Learning which enables early learning, enhances educational attainment and school progression, improves literacy and numeracy skills among children, enables teachers to access teacher training resulting in better learning outcomes, reduce dropout rates and increase primary school attainment.

The focus of our activities

    • Building charitable schools and hospitals30%
    • Scholarship30%
    • Rural entrepreneurship20%
    • Donations to other charities15%
    • Other cases5%

    In addition, Shirazi Foundation funds research-oriented programs and establishes pilot initiatives that provide impactful and valuable evidence for governments, policymakers and civil society, to support them in defining an educational framework for the future. Central to its model of intervention, is capacity development at national level through the support of local education stakeholders and a focus on monitoring, evaluation and learning.

    Monitoring, evaluation and learning also helps Shirazi Foundation understand what works and what does not. It ensures the organization’s ability to adapt to changes, mobilize more resources, and better utilize funds. This ongoing process enables the organization to gather evidence collected during regular field visits, as well as through reports by academic institutions that Shirazi Foundation appoints to independently evaluate its programs. Shirazi Foundation uses this knowledge to design and fund innovative programs that test alternative models and hypothesis to increase the impact of its interventions.

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